About Us

Services to Owners

Our services management process is our commitment to the owners, to make all the needed efforts to invest your property as a part of a professional marketing process.
In additional to that we do care about your property to keep it with the same condition if not better!
We provide a good marketing system for your property if not the best; we use the e-marketing system to provide world wide exposure and finally we furnish a written comparative market analysis to help you to determine the most effecting process to invest your property.

Services to Rentals

We guide you through every step to enjoy your holiday.
We assist you with all the experience we have to chose the suitable accommodation you are looking for which fulfill all your needs.
We show you a very truthful evaluation of all the properties we have in our data base in order to assist you with the best selection.
We plan and manage your holidays inside or outside Egypt ; we provide our clients with an honest loyal and lawful service. We act with reasonable skills, care and diligence.

What we can do for you


We serve owners and renters of residential and commercial properties and vacation resorts through out the major cities in Egypt
We are a service and information oriented business, advocating the best inters of our clients.
Understanding the perspectives of both Owners and Renters, working as an effective intermediary we help to develop, define and prioritize solutions to your property needs to create a fair, win-win transaction for all concerned and bring you the best possible negotiated deal.
Using the Internet, coupled with in-depth local market knowledge and experience we provide solutions to your space requirements with speed and accuracy.